Bringing the change


We take care of your assets review and you take care of your business flow.

FUND AML S.à r.l. is a financial sector market player providing services linked mainly to the AML/CFT reviews at the level of the asset, so called Know Your Asset process. We see our core competence in supporting you in collecting, analysing and summarizing the information on your asset/portfolio as per AML Law* (* Law of 12 November 2004 (as amended), CSSF-Regulation 12-02 (as amended by the CSSF-Regulation 20-05), CSSF Circular 17/650 (as amended by the CSSF Circular 20/744), CSSF Circular 18/698, CSSF Circular 19/732, EU regulation and FATF recommendations). 

Our business concept includes services with respect to “know your asset” (“KYA”) in a broad range of customized or packaged solutions including classical screening services as well as specific services linked to the i.e. identification and verification of asset control structure. Fund AML enables its clients to concentrate on their business. 

As compliance with the European und Luxembourg regulatory and legal requirements with respect to the AML/CFT emerges as challenging situation for medium and small market players, Fund AML offers its clients a wide range of advisory services including i.e. development of customized AML/CFT risk assessment, implementation of risk based approach and outlining of Risk appetite statement. We support our clients on all stages of the elaboration of the individual compliance process and analysis of the AML/CFT risks as well as their monitoring. 

Fund AML additionally provides contributory services to ease the client’s way to its individual compliance and internal governance solutions. 

Expertise and Values

We bringing the change – the change to your understanding of the AML framework, to your improvement of the processes linked to governance as well as changes to your company.  

We share our experience and help our clients to find the way through the tangle of the AML/CTF requirements. 

We help to identify weaknesses, strengths and challenges by addressing the issues and providing appropriate solutions. Due to our broad and extensive experience we hear and understand the needs of our clients and never stop by bring the change. 

Your Trust and Time









Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the flight

Know Your Asset

We offer clear and non-complex process in order to identify and define Know Your Asset due diligence obligations so that your first line of defence can "take a deep breath and enjoy the flight"

  • Know Your Asset Standard
  • Know Your Asset Enhanced
  • Sanctions Screening
  • PEP Screening
  • Review of Adverse Media
  • Ongoing Monitoring

If you think compliance is expensive - try non-compliance

AML Advisory

  • Risk Based Approach
  • Risk Appetite Statement
  • AML/CFT Risk assessment
  • AML/CFT Policy & Procedures
  • Compliance Monitoring Plan
  • Third Party / Delegate Oversight

Think more, do – less


  • Trainings
  • RC Services for RAIFs and AIFs
  • ESG Compliance 
  • CoSec Services
  • Recruitment
  • Project management for SAQ and CSSF communication
  • KYA Process Set Up

Meet our Founders

The founders of FUND AML S.à r.l. are three Luxembourg professionals who came together with an idea to bring the change to the complex world of the fight against money laundry and terror financing (“AML/CTF”) helping the clients to survive the regulatory storm and to comply with outstanding EU and Luxembourg wide AML/CFT  requirements at the level of asset review. The founders of the Company bring over 20 years of the cumulative experience in Luxembourg finance market within AML, compliance and risk analysis.


FUND AML S.á r.l.

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